About Us

helping our community for over 30 years!

Who Are We?

Mawiomi Treatment Center Inc. Is a non-for-profit federally funded corporation, founded in 1986 and is governed by a Board of Directors. Mawiomi provided treatment to Indigenous people who are affected directly by alcohol/chemical dependancy on their path of recovery. Located in Gesgapegiag, Quebec, Mawiomi Treatment Center, specializes in the treatment of substance, drug and alcohol abuse for over for over 30 Years.

We offer different programs to help our participant to achieve their goals on their journey to recovery.  Our cultural approach is made to accompany our indigenous participants and residents during all the process of their healing.

Mawiomi Treatment Services is honored to announce that since 2020 we have been supporting our graduates in their transition back into their communities. We have added an Aftercare Counselor and they will work with Referrals in developing a post-treatment plan. The Aftercare counselor will follow the Graduates for up to 18 months post-treatment.

Mawiomi Treatment Services Inc. is very proud to have employees that are dedicated and committed in the healing of our people. Should you require additional information please contact our Programs & Services Advisor.

In Unity and Strength

Learn About Our Services

At Mawiomi Treatment Center we offer different holiistic  services to help our participant in a personalized way. 

Learn About Our Programs

We offer two main programs to fill our participant needs.  If you need a reached hand, fill one of our appliance forms.  

Ready for Change?

Mawiomi provides treatment to individuals who are affected directly by alcohol/chemical dependency.
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