Our Healing Programs

“Going to Mawiomi Treatment Center was the hardest decision but the best of my life!.  I learned tools how to stay sober and still use those teachings to this day.  So grateful to that place of healing.  I have a life today because I went there and stayed sober for over 20 years now."
- Dwayne

Residential program

To better acquaint you with our Center: Mawiomi Treatment Services Inc. Is a seven bed residential treatment center situated in the First Nation Mi’gmaq territory of Gesgapegiag. Our program duration is six weeks and offers its residents with individualized healing plans that is developed using the holistic approach. Mawiomi Treatment Services encourages and utilizes First Nation traditional values, beliefs and morals. In addition, we provide individual counseling, group circles, videos, discussions and teachings. We also host A.A. & N.A. Meetings.

Mawiomi Treatment Services is honored to announce that since 2020 we have been supporting our graduates in their transition back into their communities. We have added an Aftercare Counselor and they will work with Referrals in developing a post-treatment plan. The Aftercare counselor will follow the Graduates for up to 18 months post-treatment.*
*All admission must be at least seventy-two (72) hours free of alcohol/drugs prior to entering the residential treatment program.

Ready for Change?

Mawiomi provides treatment to individuals who are affected directly by alcohol/chemical dependency.
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